Product design / drawings / development 

Our highly trained product development engineers are involved in all activities related to the product development cycle, from design and functionality development to prototyping, integration and testing. With such a comprehensive service portfolio, we can help ensure that new products meet all the requirements needed to give the client a competitive edge.

Nordhill Industry provides services for mechanical and electronic product design engineering, as well as new product development services for industrial and commercial products, such as mechanical drafting, engineering AutoCAD, manufacturing, assembly and sheet metal drawings, and component design.


From prototyping to manufacturing, our engineering services cover everything required for a new product. With countless production methods for any individual prototype, it is ultimately up to the engineer to determine the best-suited process and materials for a specific product in line with the client’s needs.

We are ready in:

•  prototyping actual samples 

•  any design iterations for further improvements

•  design commissioning qualification and attestation prior manufacturing product release

Manufacturing support

Through the networks of subcontractors we assure end-to-end (full product circle) realisation and attestation of ordered products. Nordhill Industry provides a complete range of metal production technologies and services, from preparatory operations to finished products. All of our subcontracting services are provided alongside modern metalworking equipment, while we seek to conclude orders to a high level and in accordance with client preferences and requirements. Our priorities in delivering services are quality, speed and cost-efficiency.

In cooperation with trusted long-term subcontractors, we provide a comprehensive chain of services, including:

•  CNC punching, milling and turning
•  Laser cutting
•  CNC bending
•  Metal plating (aluminum anodizing, zinc plating,
oxidation, nickel plating, chrome plating, etc.)
•  Welding  (TIG, MIG/MAG, Spot)
•  Sand blasting 
•  Powder coating
•  Screen printing
•  Assembly
•  Other 

Procurement management

Nordhill Industry provides supply-chain services. This involves the supply of high-quality goods such as manufacturing components, raw materials, parts and other goods needed in the manufacturing process for the lowest available price, based on our client’s product specifications.

When it comes to the client’s final product, there is nothing more important than manufacturing with the best-quality materials. Nordhill Industry is ready to manage raw materials, components or spare parts procurement from the client’s approved vendor list (AVL) or from our supplier network, depending on the client’s requirements. We’re always seeking good suppliers for materials to help in the manufacturing process for client products.

Packaging and Labeling

Next to our GIN barcode traceability we will assure right packaging and labeling to meet safety, legal and transit requirements preflamented by EU. 


•    Shipments by land
•    Shipments by air
•    Shipments by sea
•    Local carriages
•    Special inquiries shipments 
•    Customs brokerage services
•    Terminal services
•    Shipment consolidation/warehousing

Nordhill Industry’s qualified and experienced logistics professionals can organize transportation for an order to the furthest location in the most cost-effective way. In order to reduce the logistics concerns of clients, we also provide warehousing, distribution and customs brokerage services. On the client’s request, separate orders can be stored and consolidated to help save on forwarding and customs expenses for separate shipments.


Preparation of technical data sheet for products, documentation for imports and exports, and for military and double use spare parts / equipment, documentation for certification.

Next to TDS we will provide: 

  • User Manual

  • Maintenance and refurbishment manual

  • Safety instruction

  • Training

  • and other, under client request.