Our Strengths are

•  complex customized products

•  turnkey solutions

•  flexibility in quantity

•  customer focus

•  strict in agreed schedules

•  robust communication

•  operational excellence

•  quality and safety

•  continuous improvement

Our Services 

Nordhill Industry provides services for mechanical and electronic product design engineering. 

•  Concept Design

•  Engineering Analysis

•  Detail Design

•  TDS 

•  Assurance with industry’s standards

From prototyping to manufacturing, our engineering services cover everything required for a new product. 


•  Prototyping actual samples 

•  Any design iterations for further improvements

•  Design commissioning qualification and attestation prior manufacturing product release

Metal fabrication and Mechanical assembly

As a full turnkey developer and provider, Nordhill Industry offers complete system or sub-system assembly, also known as box-build service. We focus on building products for OEMs and taking on contract manufacturing work.

Based on engineering drawings, we manage complex value-added processes, involving creation of machines, parts, and structures from various raw materials and sub-assemblies.

Electronic Manufacturing and Assembly

Nordhill Industry provides electronics manufacturing services for low- and mid-volume products. We have particular expertise in the design and manufacture of specialty industrial automation modules. We provide this service to OEMs with control products who are looking for optimization or free up their resources and production lines for other priorities.

Support in

Logistics and Warehousing

We are able to organize transportation of your products to the furthest location in the most cost-effective way.

Supply of high-quality goods such as manufacturing components, raw materials, parts and other goods needed in the manufacturing process.

Preparation of technical documentation for products.

Right packaging and labeling to meet safety, legal and transit requirements preflamented by EU.

These are the areas we focus on with our capabilities